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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – How to Find Fergus’ Arm

by Josh Hawkins

Wolfenstein 2 features a lot of serious moments, and the game’s main storyline touches on some very sensitive subjects. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to take a step back, offer up a little humor, and build on the living, breathing world that has been crafted in The New Colossus. One such moment comes during the Fergus timeline, and after a drunken night on a U-boat, Fergus finds himself waking up, his arm missing. It’s your job to find it, and while this job might seem silly, it’s going to be required if you want to continue progressing through the main story. To make things easier, we’ll show you exactly how to find Fergus’ arm in Wolfenstein 2, so you can get things moving again.

How to Find Fergus’ Arm

If you want to find Fergus’ arm through the “proper” channels, then you’ll need to make your way around the Evas Hammer and talk to the people onboard. Speak with NPCs to gather information about the missing arm, and replay through the events that led up to Fergus’ arm being lost somewhere. Eventually, after speaking with several other people around the Evas Hammer, you’ll be told to speak to Paris Jack in the cantina.

Make your way over to the Cantina and speak with Paris Jack to learn that he has an inkling of what happened to Fergus’ arm. He’ll then advise you to make your way over to the hangar, where you’ll find a helicopter. Pull out your Laserkraftwerk and use it on a crate at the back of the helicopter. From there, cut another hole in the back of the crate. This will create a crawlspace that you can enter. Fergus’ arm will be hidden inside the crawlspace. Once you have it follow the crawlspace until you reach a small locker room.

To return Fergus’ arm to him, head up the nearby stairs and make your way to the upper level of Club Kreisau. Approach Fergus with his arm in tow, and you’ll be able to reattach the arm and complete the quest, bringing it to a close. If you’d like to, you can also skip all of the talking, and make your way right to the hanger, where you’ll find the arm. If you don’t want to waste any time asking around, this is the best way to move through the mission quickly and get things sorted. Either way, you should now know exactly how to find and reattach Fergus’ arm.

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