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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How to Make Money in Velen

by Bryan Dawson

Once you hit Novigrad, you should have plenty of money to buy and craft almost anything you desire. However, as you begin the game and make your way through White Orchard and on to Velen, Crowns can be difficult to come by. It’s important not to buy a lot of gear from merchants in White Orchard, but once you hit Velen there’s a ton of quests and other ventures that will damage your equipment, forcing you to repair or replace your gear. Let’s take a closer look at some easy ways to make money in the Velen area so you’re not hurting for cash early in the game.


There are plenty of people you can play Gwent against in Velen, and most of them don’t have great decks. Take a look at our Gwent Tips article as well as our feature on how to build the best Gwent decks and the most powerful Gwent cards so you can take down these opponents with ease.

Every time you play against an opponent, bet the full 10 Crowns. When you win you’ll double that to 20 Crowns. While it may not seem like much, it adds up after awhile. It will also help you acquire better cards so you can complete the Gwent: Velen Players secondary quest and continue to improve your deck.

Fists of Fury: Velen

This secondary quest pits Geralt against four opponents in a fistfight. Save your progress before each match, then wager the maximum amount. If you win, you’ll double that, which equates to several hundred Crowns once everything is said and done. If you lose, load your last save file and try again. You can bet up to 50 Crowns on the first fight, 70 on the second and third and 80 on the fourth. With a maximum bet you can earn 540 Crowns from this quest.

All you have to do to make sure you win every fight is back away from your opponent and let him attempt the first swing. As soon as he does, counter with a strong attack and then a flurry of quick attacks until the opponent starts to block again. Once this happens, back away and repeat the process. If your timing is good you shouldn’t take a single hit during these matches, giving you quick and easy cash.

Races: Crow’s Perch

The Races: Crow’s Perch secondary quest works similar to the Fists of Fury: Velen secondary quest. You race against three competitors, placing a bet on each race. If you win you double your wager, and when the quest is complete you’ll get an additional 70 Crowns on top of whatever you won through wagers. You can wager 50 Crowns on each of the three races, which doubles if you win giving you 370 Crowns for the entire quest.

Once the race begins, follow the black line on your mini-map as it loops around in a circular pattern. Watch for explosive barrels, dips in the road that will stop your horse from galloping and even logs that may block your path. If one of these obstacles trips you up and your opponent takes the lead, don’t remain directly behind him when you try to pass. Your horse will slow if you get too close while you’re directly behind an opponent. You need to move to the right or left to create plenty of space when you pass. Depending on the stamina level of your horse you can gallop the entire race for an easy win.

For more detailed information on the Races: Crow’s Perch and Fists of Fury: Velen secondary quests, read our free guide covering The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! In addition to the walkthrough, we have a romance guide, as well as tips to repairing your sword to keep it razor sharp. We’ll even tell you how to beat the toughest Contracts.

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