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The Witcher 3 – How to Beat Imlerith

by Prima Games Staff

The Witcher 3 – How to Beat Imlerith

Imlerith is one of the toughest Wild Hunt generals. He may look intimidating, but Prima Games is here to help! To beat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you must take down a handful of difficult opponents, chief among them Imlerith, a hulking brute and master tactician.

Covered in armor and wielding a large mace, he won’t hesitate to spill Geralt of Rivia’s blood on the battlefield. We prefer you remain alive and will tell you how to lay the smackdown on one of the most difficult enemies you’ll face. After beating Imlerith, kill the remaining enemies with Prima’s The Witcher 3 Boss Guide.

Imlerith Walkthrough

Based on Imlerith’s appearance, the big lug appears to be on the slow side, but this is an illusion from CD Projekt RED to make you feel overconfident.  Whatever you think about this adversary at the beginning of the fight will quickly change after he teleports behind Geralt of Rivia while attempting to crush his head with the war mace. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this attack.

At the start of the battle, utilize different potions to increase the odds of staying alive. In particular, you can’t go wrong with Swallow, Full Moon, Tawny Owl, and Blizzard. Even Thunderbolt proves useful, so long as you’re confident. Grapeshot Bombs and Dancing Star will not only hurt him but also disrupt his combos. Meanwhile, Samum Bombs temporarily blind Imlerith.

Similar to Caranthir and Eredin, Imlerith will receive Ice Armor each time he teleports. You want to use Igni Sigh magic to melt this ice as quickly as possible. Doing this is easier said than done because Imlerith teleports repeatedly, so you may have to settle for nailing him with strong attacks for now. If he goes to teleport, roll towards Imlerith to put some distance between him and Geralt. Now’s a good time to equip the Fleet Footed Combat Ability, which lessens damage taken while rolling. 

Do not try countering or parrying his mace. It’s impossible. Roll away or dodge these attacks. In addition, remain as close to Imlerith as possible and try to flank. The goal is to attack from behind to avoid dealing with his shield. 

The aforementioned shield is a huge pain. Imlerith uses it to block most of Geralt’s attacks. To gain the advantage, throw Grapeshot Bombs.  Don’t avoid the shield altogether. Repeated strikes will cause it to break down and then get tossed, giving you the chance to go on the offensive.

This is all about picking and choosing opportunities, however few. Dodge and then hit Imlerith, or strike in between his attacks. The former strategy is by far the safest. You must nail down the timing to make the latter approach effective. 

With 20 percent of his Vitality remaining, Imlerith tosses the shield and tries to destroy Geralt with a combination of teleports and mace attacks. Dodge and roll like crazy. 

From this point on, rely on Igni Sign magic, then dodge until Imlerith’s mace gets stuck in the ground. Hit him with one heavy attack and immediately dodge to avoid his teleport counter.  Have Tawny Oil on hand to quickly regain Stamina. 

Be patient, wait for the best moments to attack and you’ll emerge victoriously.

Of course, tougher opponents remain. Thankfully we have tips for beating Caranthir and the final boss, Eredin.  When you beat the game, head back to Prima’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough, where we tell you how to repair Geralt’s sword, find the Cat School Gear and the most powerful Gwent cards to build the ultimate deck.


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