Wisteria 2 Trello Link: How To Join & Use

Find out everything you need to know about this exciting Roblox experience!

In the world of Wisteria 2, you’ll find plenty of reasons to keep coming back. While this experience is currently in Alpha, there is still a good level of polish that puts this title above many others in its class. Featuring breakneck speeds for combat and mobility, getting around this world and taking down enemies is a piece of cake, and knowing about future updates can get you even more excited than ever before. But is there an official Trello board that will break down these updates for players, or are they just going to have to wait and see what is coming in future updates? Let’s jump into the world of Wisteria 2 and find out.

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Is There An Official Wisteria 2 Trello Page?

Players will be happy to know that Wisteria 2 does have a Trello Page. This will give you a deeper understanding of what is currently available in the game and what may be coming in the future. While this experience does have an in-depth tutorial, getting to know some of the finer details that are coming down the pipeline can get you even more excited.

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Before you start the game on your own, it may not hurt to give this Trello Page a lookover, so you know exactly what you’ll look like when you start, as there is no traditional Character Customization screen. Instead, your character will get a unique look depending on the family name that you start with at the beginning.

Does Wisteria 2 Have An Official Discord Page?

If you find yourself loving this experience and want to make some new friends while you’re at it, joining a Discord Page could be exactly what you’re looking for. Thankfully, much like the Trello Board, there is an Official Wisteria 2 Discord Page that will get you directly in touch with plenty of other players. With nearly 20,000 members, you’re bound to run into a few new clan members without much of an issue.

Since this title is still in Alpha, there are going to be plenty of changes made during its development. Making sure that you’re up to date on the most recent updates can make the difference between life and death in this world, so join on and see what they’ve got in store. Make sure to check out our Roblox tag to keep up to date with all of the newest and most exciting experiences available.

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