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Will Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Have Multiplayer? – Answered

Killing things is better with friends

by Patrick Souza
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Multiplayer

Team Ninja’s new title Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is shaping up to be another hit considering the praise its demo has been receiving. This Souls-like from the same hands that made the Nioh titles will bring many of the usual features those games boast, but will Multiplayer be one of them? Find out below.

Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Have a Co-Op Mode?  – Answered

Yes, you can tackle the fiends of Wo Long with your friends through the Co-op option. This is not immediately available for use and can only be accessed after defeating the first boss. After conquering your first solo challenge, you can always progress through the game alongside a friend, a stranger, or even an NPC if you want to.

Multiplayer can be accessed through the Battle Flags and allows for a maximum of three players to fight through the campaign together. Select the Online Lobby option and you can either use Recruit to be matched with random players or invite your friends through the Co-op option. Set up a password and give it to your friends so they can join your world. 

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Select your desired battlefield and you’ll be thrown into action after hitting “Co-op Start”. The overall difficulty doesn’t scale up with the players, so using multiplayer makes the game quite easier than solo play. If someone falls, you can revive them a limited number of times, but almost instantly. 

This doesn’t mean that it gets boring, because co-op is still fun as hell. Battles can still be a hassle if you lose focus when striking a boss, for example, and ambushing enemies from behind with your buddy always feels great. 

There’s also the classical “Invade” option, where you play the role of a raider in another player’s world and can act as another enemy for them to slay. So yeah, you can choose between co-op or PvP whenever you want, something that will surely give the game some extra longevity in the long run.

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