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Will NFS Unbound Be on EA Play? – Answered

It is slightly bound on the EA Play side of things.

by Shawn Robinson
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Need for Speed Unbound, EA’s newest racing title to hit the market, is finally available, with plenty of praise coming to various parts of the title. From the fluid gameplay the series is known for to its unique, cartoonish aesthetic to even the awesome effects during some race sequences, there’s so much to love about the title. Getting it without needing to pay the full price would be welcome, though. Here’s whether Need for Speed Unbound will be on EA Play.

Is Need for Speed Unbound Coming to EA Play?

To keep it short, yes, NFS Unbound is available on EA Play. Though there are some major things to consider alongside it. If you’re a standard EA Play subscriber ($4.99 a month), then you merely get a 10-hour trial of the game before you have to pay full price. If you’re an EA Play Pro subscriber, though, then your subscription gives you full access to the game alongside several key benefits.

For those playing with EA Play’s $4.99 subscription, you’ll get access to the BMW M3 2006 and recurring in-game member rewards. If you’re an EA Play pro subscriber though, you’ll also get the Palace Edition of the game, which includes four custom cars, driving effects, decals, a license plate, a clothing pack, a character pose, and artwork. You’ll be getting the full value pack out of the Palace Edition, so having an EA Play Pro subscription is the best way to go.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to EA Play Pro or pay the full price, NFS Unbound is more than worth your time. As reviews have stated alongside Steam recommendations, the game features some great driving, graphics, and music, even if dialogue and story still leave much to be desired. Gameplay-wise, you’re bound to have a great time.

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