Will Forza Motorsport be on Game Pass? – Answered

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Will Forza Motorsport be on Game Pass - Answered

Since 2020, when we first saw the announcement of the new Forza Motorsport developed from the ground up for the new generation of Xbox consoles, a lot of time has passed. A new Forza Horizon 5 game has also passed in the meantime, skipping the usual release schedule that Motorsport and Horizon games had. Only recently have we seen some more substantial information about the new Turn10 driving game, and at the Xbox Showcase 2023 event, the latest trailer arrived, and with it the official release date! Let’s check it out and find out if this new Forza Motorsport is included with Game Pass.

Is Forza Motorsport Coming to Game Pass on Day One?

Yes, like every other Xbox first-party game, the new Forza Motorsport will be included from day one in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. This means that on October 10, all players on Xbox and PC who have an active Game Pass subscription will be able to download the full version of the game for free.

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Forza Motorsport Release Date Trailer

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Forza Motorsport featuring two new American supercars making their Forza and video game debut – Cadillac V-Series.R and Corvette E-Ray.

The single-player career of this driving simulation will be very complex, and there is also an online multiplayer mode for serious competitions. Over 500 cars will be in the new Motorsport, of which 100 will be in the series for the first time. New physics, dynamic change of day and night as well as weather conditions, and completely new AI will enable this sequel to bring a real generational leap in the driving genre, as claimed by the authors from Turn 10.

The new Forza Motorsport is coming out on October 10, for Xbox and PC, and like we stated above – it will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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