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Will EA Sports College Football 25 Release on PC?

Football on PC?

EA Sports College Football 25 is set to grace the land of American Football video games in mid-July 2024. After years of development, EA Sports finally revealed concrete information about the upcoming release. Here’s what you should know about the game’s possible arrival on PC.

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Will EA Sports College Football 25 Get a PC Release?

Unfortunately, EA Sports College Football 25 will be available only on the current-gen consoles. This is very different from the treatment being meted out to the upcoming Madden 25 launch, which will be available for PC players. That appears to be the only new launch that lovers of American Football will be able to enjoy. 

A noticeable part of yesterday’s reveal was the absence of a PC platform if someone wants to pre-order the upcoming College Football video game. This is applicable for a standalone purchase and for the EA Sports MVP Bundle, which includes Digital Deluxe versions of both College Football and Madden for a discounted price. 

You can play Madden on both consoles and PCs. However, you’ll need a current-gen console to enjoy EA Sports College Football 25. 

EA Sports has yet to state the exact reason behind the decision to not release on PC, but a response could be available in the coming days. More details regarding gameplay are expected later tonight, on May 17. Ultimately, the reason to skip PC might be technical, but then again, Madden 25’s current-gen version is available on all platforms. Even FC 24 is current-gen on PC, so the decision might have been taken on legal grounds. 

Nevertheless, a PC port would have made the game far more accessible for fans, as not everyone owns a current-gen console. It remains to be seen if EA Sports College Football 25 is a success, and that could propel the developers to make a PC version in the future. 

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