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Will Cross-Play Come to Hyper Scape?

by Lucas White

Hyper Scape has officially launched for consoles today, bringing Ubisoft’s sci-fi battle royale extravaganza outside of PC and into the PS4 and Xbox One economies. Not only does this mean the first season, and therefore Battle Pass have rolled out, it also means a gradual influx of new content, features, and promotional items (such as the PlayStation Plus freebies). But in terms of the playerbase, what does the new launch mean for the game as a whole? Does Hyper Scape include Cross-Play in addition to Cross-Progression?

Does Hyper Scape Support Cross-Play?

As of launch, Hyper Scape does not include cross-play features. It does, however, support cross-progression, so make sure you’ve linked your UPlay accounts properly to your services of choice. Now, just because cross-play isn’t available at launch doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.

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In fact, while it was an up in the air matter when we first examined this question, it’s now a definite thing. Ubisoft has confirmed that cross-play will be coming to Hyper Scape, although obviously not at launch. Hyper Scape will be a living, breathing battle royale game, and the whole pool of players will eventually be able to play together.

One point of consternation, however, has hampered the cross-play dream. In games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, cross-play has introduced a variable nobody expected, which is hacking. No PC game can be entirely hack-proof, and things will occasionally slip through all the security options, even if temporary. That led to many players asking for cross-play to at least be optional.

When cross-play comes to Hyper Scape, Ubisoft has confirmed that players will be able to choose if they want to be in that pool or not. There will be some sort of op-in option players will be able to pick, or turn off if they only want to play with their console-specific peers. Hopefully hacking won’t be a huge issue in Hyper Scape, but in case any problems do crop up, players can be assured they’ll be able to get around whenever it does cause problems.

Are you looking forward to when the cross-platform floodgates open in Hyper Scape? Or are you worried about hackers or PC players having advantages otherwise? What do you think about cross-play overall? Let us know your thoughts over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter pages!