Will Antagonists in Wuthering Waves be Playable? – Answered

I haven’t been this hyped about a villain since Scaramouche was first revealed in 1.1—

Scar from Wuthering Waves
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There’s a lot to be excited about for Wuthering Waves eventual release, and I thought it would mostly be about the wall-running and petting dog features but it turns out Kuro Games has once again delivered a jaw-dropping character, the antagonist. 

Will Scar and the Mysterious Woman be Playable in Wuthering Waves?

Scar and Mysterious Woman From Wuthering Waves
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Now, it’s hard to say whether we actually will be able to play these characters in the future when Wuthering Waves isn’t even out yet. So maybe this section should be called “What are the chances of Scar and this mysterious woman being playable?” Because Kuro Games is actually quite good at making the characters they present in the story viable at a later time. This much has been seen in Punishing Gray Raven, which you may think, “But this isn’t Wuthering Waves, how do we know??” And you’re right, we quite frankly don’t.

But our chances are relatively high, especially given that Kuro Games is great at writing excellent and well-rounded, interesting characters that are sure to make you feel something. Maybe anger in certain circumstances, but they keep these antagonists at a distance that feels unachievable and before you know it, they are up on the banner as well. Even if it takes them a few years! (Something I’m not quite unused to, honestly… Side eye, Genshin Impact)

So, why am I so sure that we will eventually see Scar and this Mysterious Woman show up on the banner? Well, that’s because Kuro Games have done this before. Where they will show their antagonists early to present the real threat in the story but also to achieve hype about a character that feels unattainable. In Punishing Gray Raven, there have been several characters that have been introduced as the antagonists of the story and yet have appeared on banners later on in the game. 

Characters like Luna, Camu, and my gosh, Roland. Friggin Roland, yes, there are definitely characters that have made a comeback to grace people’s accounts in later updates. So if there’s enough of a demand, then Kuro Games is sure to deliver on a fire character banner that may take some time, but it’ll certainly be worth the wait. 

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Although the game isn’t out yet, we are still learning a little more with each passing update that the game developers post on YouTube, as well as on Twitter. Be sure to check out their online handles so you aren’t ever missing out on the updates as well. There’s still so much to look forward to in the future and you can bet that Kuro Games is going to deliver an astounding game once it’s finally public. 

We’ve also covered a few of these topics in the past so be sure to check out our articles covering Wuthering Waves by clicking on the Game Tag just below this article. We’ll be seeing you again once the next update is out!

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