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Wild Hearts: How to Improve FPS on PC

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by Patrick Souza
Improve FPS Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is showing itself to be a fun, alternative option for Monster Hunter players, but not without its own problems, especially on PC. Players have been experiencing some FPS losses at some points, making the game outright unplayable in some cases. 

While the devs seem to be already on it, and a performance patch may be out next week, we’ll still have to struggle with it even with high-end computers. But until then, there are some small fixes and tweaks you can do to get it running a little bit better. Here you’ll find some of them.

How to Boost FPS for Wild Hearts on PC

According to a Steam discussion topic later reposted on Reddit, audio seems to be responsible for taking a toll on your FPS, for some reason. Players reported changing their audio settings options to 5.1/7.1 had given them a whooping increase in FPS, somehow. So make sure to use those options instead of the default as they can magically fix the game for you.

To do this, pause the game and go for the Settings option. Open the Audio tab, and change “Stereo” to the 5.1/7.1 option. You should experience an immediate improvement in your overall frames per second, probably due to some weird bug. 

You have probably also done that, but messing with the Graphics tab is also a valid option. Lowering effects such as shadows, motion blur, and textures should also help you run the game a little bit better. 

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If all of that still doesn’t help you, you might wanna wait for the upcoming performance patch announced by the developers, who state that many high-end PCs are having a way better time running the game after fixing some release bugs. Here’s the announcement:

Hey hunters –

We are very happy to see so many of you jumping in and enjoying the hunt this week! We have an update to share with you regarding some of the issues we’ve been tracking.

A patch will be released next week on all platforms that addresses several issues and contains the following changes:

A CPU threading issue has been fixed. We are seeing significantly improved performance on high end PC’s.

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX visual artefacts fixed. Also added the option to turn off reflections in the settings menu.

The default resolution when launching the game for the first time will now be 1080p. We discovered many users are running higher resolutions than the recommended spec can safely support. We are adjusting the recommended spec guidance online and will continue to optimize in this area. If you are running the game comfortably at higher resolutions, you can continue to do so and select alternate resolutions from the settings menu.

Additional stability and bug fixes

Additional issues tracked that will be fixed in a later patch:

A fix is being worked on for audio de-sync issues. For now, if you experience this, rebooting the game will often remedy the problem.

Rare PS5 crash when booting the game.

Your feedback during the trial period has been greatly appreciated and Omega Force will continue to optimize and address issues as rapidly as possible.

Thank you again. Stay safe & stay sharp, hunters!

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