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Wild Hearts: How to Change your Hair

You really have to go through it to get the Looking Glass

by Lucas White

As we’ve been saying elsewhere, Wild Hearts has some pretty intensive character customization options. While toggling your helmet on and off is one thing, you can spend a ludicrous amount of time settling on a hairstyle. Or you could be like me and run through it while totally missing all the sub-menus on the different styles, immediately filling you with regret when you see them later. Surely there’s a way to go back and change your hair in Wild Hearts, right? There is, but… there’s a catch.

Wild Hearts: How to Change your Hair

Not only can you change your hairstyle after the opening in Wild Hearts, you can completely remake your hunter all the way down to the last detail. That includes, according to the flavor text for the thing I haven’t actually unlocked yet, their name. What you need is the Looking Glass, an item you can eventually unlock on the Karakuri unlock tree.

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The Looking Glass is a Dragon Karakuri that costs a whopping 1,500 Awakening to unlock, and it has a Dragon Pit Cost of 15 water. It’s sitting a considerable ways down the whole Karakuri tree, so it won’t be something you’ll be unlocking early on unless you really make a run for it. It’s also only usable in Minato, so you won’t be able to change your corporeal form out on a campsite in the wilderness.

But hey, if you’re gonna put enough time into Wild Hearts to actually be able to unlock the Looking Glass, you’re probably pretty bored with the original character design you whipped up anyway. If there’s any other caveats involved, I’ll pop back in here with an update, but I’m still pretty early on in the game myself. In the meantime, check out the Wild Hearts tag for more content here at Prima Games.

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