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Why Are There Two Types of Visions in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine? – Answered

Did you notice before it was revealed?

Based on HoYoverse’s trailers for Genshin Impact’s new Fontaine region thus far, there has been an overall trend that you may have missed: the region has two very different faces. Not only do we see a clean and sophisticated Fontaine Court, but areas within this region depict a very different picture overrun with rusting pipes and signs of poverty. And if you take a close look at some of our Fontaine characters, you’ll see there are two different frames for the visions. 

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Why Are There Two Types of Visions in Fontaine in Genshin Impact?

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Well, first, because of puzzles! What would Genshin Impact without introducing a new variety of puzzles and mechanics that will need you to have two different types of visions to help complete? This doesn’t mean that these puzzles will be impossible until you obtain two different vision-wielding characters; there will be other mechanics present in the area to help you do so. Having these characters will just save you some time and help you battle certain enemies a bit easier. 

These two different types of visions are called the Pneuma and the Ousia and can be differentiated based on the images above. The Pneuma is best depicted on Lyney, where the vision’s frame is crossed over with slight feathery details on the sides. While if you were to look at Lynette’s, her vision is in the Ousia design, and though it has the same feathery details on the sides, the cross details on the top and bottom of the design are intertwined and twirled. Although they do not have a visible vision, it is inferred that the Traveler wields the Pneuma traits of the Fontaine vision, so in case you are having trouble with puzzles or enemies, you can plan your team accordingly alongside Lynette to gain an upper hand in battle.

Aside from battle and puzzle mechanics, there are a lot of fascinating reasons why Fontaine would feature two different types of visions for their citizens who have gained the archon’s favor. There are many references to Fontaine having two very different appearances, one presented to the outside world and one hidden and tucked away. The city is the best reference for that, but it isn’t the only hint that we’ve gotten. 

Theories have speculated that there are two sides to this newest Archon; not only do we see that Focalors or Furina has two different eyes, but a long-standing theory about the archons is that they each have a Hypostasis that represents them. These cube-like bosses have been with this game forever, but they each do share many similarities to the current archon in power. The biggest indication of this is that there are two Electro Hypostasis, one of which is no longer active, representing the previous Archon that has passed. 

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Presently, if you were to look at the Hydro Hypostasis, they constantly summon two different types of slimes, one that will explode once it gets near you and the other that will heal the Hydro Hypostasis. However, you can step in to steal that healing. At one point, this may have looked like a representation of the current and previous archon, but Fontaine has revealed a boss area that hints at where a Hypostasis may have stayed. 

While this spawns fascinating theories just by being revealed, it does indicate that the current and previous Hydro Archon don’t represent the Hydro Hypostasis that is active, but only Focalors. We’re likely to see more indications of different sides when it comes to Focalors in the story and hints as to what may have happened to the previous Hydro Archon. 

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