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Why Are Pokemon GO Sponsored Gifts Trending?

by Lucas White

It seems like Niantic has quietly launched a new feature in Pokemon GO, putting a little more oomph into in-game sponsorship promotions. This is appearing in the form of “Sponsored Gifts,” which some players have begun to notice they’ve received in-game. The community is still trying to figure it out since Niantic hasn’t really drawn attention to it yet, but at the moment it seems like Pokemon GO and ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins are getting cozy.

Pokemon GO Sponsored Gifts: What We Know so Far

Screenshots of the Sponsored Gifts appearing for players have popped up in online communities like the Silph Road subreddit, depicting an oddly-shaped, pink gift package. These ones come with a note proudly embellished with the Baskin-Robbins logo, with the message “Greetings from Baskin-Robbins” printed on it.

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It seems like the contents of these Sponsored Gifts vary, with users reporting a range of items from standard Pokeballs all the way up to Rare Candy. It also seems like the gifts are being awarded at random, with players getting them from normal Pokestops, Gyms, raids, near Baskin-Robbins locations (which are marked as “sponsored” currently), and in areas nowhere near a Baskin-Robbins.

Our friends over at Super Parent looked into the matter, finding some language on Sponsored Gifts on developer Niantic’s support website. The information posted states Sponsored Gifts are individually rewarded, meaning players receive them irregularly. So if you find one at a Stop and tell a friend, your buddy isn’t guaranteed one at the same Spot. The feature is also in the middle of a phased rollout, so there’s no guarantee your game is included yet. A final note that may be relevant (especially if you’re a parent, natch) is that child accounts will not receive Sponsored Gifts.

Have you received a present from Baskin-Robbins in your Pokemon GO game yet? Did you get anything good in it? Are you excited for this new feature, or does the presence of brands in the Pokemon world creep you out? Let us know what you’re thinking about the Sponsored Gifts feature over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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