Who is the Surreal Part of March 7th’s Memory in Honkai: Star Rail

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March 7th from Honkai: Star Rail
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It’s time to finally get some answers from March 7th’s mysterious past in Honkai: Star Rail. Fu Xuan has kindly offered her assistance with the Matrix of Prescience to delve into the memories that have eluded our Astral Express companion thus far. But there seem to be anomalies popping up that are disrupting March 7th from advancing. Here’s where to find them and how to avoid getting to them too quickly to unlock all of the dialogue in the Total Recall quest in Honkai: Star Rail.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This article contains spoilers for the March 7th Companion Quest: Total Recall.

All “Surreal Parts” from March 7th’s Memory in Honkai: Star Rail

The Surreal Anomaly in The Healer’s Market

Healer's Market in Honkai: Star Rail - Total Recall
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Our first location will lead us back to the Healer’s Market where March 7th, the Trailblazer, Welt Yang, and Tingyun were originally traveling to meet back up with the Cloud Soldiers before pursuing Phantylia. However, Fu Xuan notices that there is a strange interference going on that blocks March 7th from going forward. In order to progress, players must find the one character that does not belong in the scene.

For the Healer’s Market, that character would be Jing Yuan, who wasn’t with the original party until much later in the story during the events of the trio attempting to engage with Fu Xuan before confronting Phantylia. This means you can talk with Tingyun, Welt, the Trailblazer, and Fu Xuan before concluding the first part of March 7th’s domain. 


When speaking to Fu Xuan for the first time after entering the domain, Memory-Fu Xuan is the one with her hands on her hips. So when trying to find the Fake Fu Xuan, select the option Fu Xuan With Hand on Hip.

The Surreal Anomaly in The Sampo Hotel

Goethe Hotel in Honkai: Star Rail - Total Recall
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The next location in March 7th’s memory is in the Goethe Hotel, or the Sampo Hotel as you begin to realize since the ownership of the building traded hands. In the lobby of the hotel, you’ll see familiar faces from all around Jarilo-VI you’ve come to know and love. However, if you think you know who the anomaly is in the situation, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

The scene is meant to indicate who the player knew at the time when March 7th, the Trailblazer, and Dan Heng were last in the Goethe Hotel. While characters such as Gepard, Pela, Bronya, and even Sampo were people we’ve met above ground, it is actually Seele who is the anomaly in the memory. 

In order to get rid of her, however, you’ll need to speak to Bronya and Seele twice. With Seele being the last person you can talk to, you can speak to everyone else in the lobby before finishing up the second segment of March 7th’s domain. 

If you happen to come across Seele too early before the other characters, you are still able to speak to the other characters before progressing to the next level by interacting with the terminal on Sampo’s desk. 

The Surreal Anomaly in the Rush to the Trailblazer

Herta's Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail - Total Recall
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The last of the locations is back to Herta’s Space Station, moments before Dan Heng and March 7th discover the Trailblazer for the first time. We return to the Legion Attack and have to scour the halls before discovering the cast of Herta’s Space Station. This scene is set to make the anomaly a little more obvious with Arlan, Asta, and Herta observed around the room leading to the back. Given the Trailblazer isn’t introduced until later before they even reach the room, they are the anomaly in this level. 

With the Trailblazer out of the way, the path is open for players to finish March 7th’s domain. For other guides on Companion quests, be sure to also check out Kafka’s Answers to Truth and Lies.

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