Trying to get a hold of all the cute villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? We reckon we can help you with that. Some might be a little messier than others, but that's probably why they have such a cult following. In fact, you might even have heard whispers of this silver squirrel floating around. Wondering who Marshal is in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Wonder no longer. 

Who is Marshal in Animal Crossing New Horizons

So, you want to know who Marshal is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? That's pretty easy to wrangle. We reckon that he should be everyone's favorite little squirrel, and that's not just because he's probably the most adorable thing that we've seen in a long time. Marshal is a legacy Villager from the older Animal Crossing games and he also shows up in Pocket Camp, which might be where you recognize his fluffy little cheeks from. Marshal looks a bit like a marshmallow, and we think that his permanently down-turned mouth is actually super cute? Don't @ us on that one. All in all, his catchphrase is "sulky" which is really cute for a Smug type villager. 

Here are some other fun facts about Marshal that you might want to know before you run into him in a dark enclave on a mystery island somewhere:

  • Marshal's birthday is September 29
  • Marshal is a Libra
  • Marshal has blush on, and his little ears have purple fluff
  • Marshall wears a Puffy Vest 
  • Marshal wants to be a designer, and considers himself good at math
  • His favorite song is Space K.K.

Because Marshal is a Smug villager, he's going to pretty much be amenable to every other kind of villager except for those who are cranky. Don't be fooled by Marshal's perpetual frown - he's not a cranky villager, and will have a much better time around villager types who are lazy, normal, and even peppy. He's going to talk himself up a lot but also be very sociable, so if you need some glue to hold your social scene together on the island then can we recommend him? If nothing else, surely his good looks will tide everyone over. He has a naturally ornate style, so we reckon that having birthday parties at his place would be stellar. 

Now that you've gotten a little bit more familiar with Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll be able to make the difficult choice of adding him to your island (or not) if he ever rocks up to your campsite or if you find him sneaking around getting up to no good on another mystery island. However, Marshal is a squirrel with fine tastes so they're not going to want to move somewhere squalid. If you need a bit of help with sprucing up how your island looks, you can always check out our guide on flower breeding right here and we've also got a very helpful visual aid in the form of a video if you learn better that way. Check it out below. 

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