It turns out that this new mobile game has classes now, which means you need to pick one. But if you want to know which Profession to pick in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, then you need to know what the differences are.



Unlike in Pokémon GO, the classes have a much bigger impact on how you’ll play the game. Instead of just being a matter of choosing a color, your Profession will change how you perform in battles, and what things you’re best at. So, you need to know which of these classes to choose in Harry Potter: Wizard Unite.


Which Profession To Pick In Harry Potter Wizards Unite


Your options for the classes or Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are Auror, Professor, or Magizoolgist. Each of these has strengths and weaknesses, so it’s not just a matter of choosing the one you like the sound of but making sure it’ll fit your playstyle.


The Auror is the DPS class, and it’s the one to choose if you’re a big fan of dealing damage and fighting, they are also commanded by Harry Potter himself.


The Professor is a support class, and they are great for debuffing foes and buffing friends. It means that while they may not do much damage on their own, they’re an essential part of any successful team. They’re led by the mighty Professor McGonagall.


The Magizoologist class is the healing/tank class. They are great at soaking up damage and staying alive, which makes them incredibly useful in any team-based activity. Rubeus Hagrid sits at the helm of this class.


Each of these comes with their own skills as well as playstyles, so have a good think about which role you most enjoy before picking your Profession.



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