Which Map Should You Choose in Cities: Skylines 2? Best Starting Map

Where to go, where to go...

Image of one of the starting maps made into a metropolis in Cities: Skylines 2.

It can be tricky choosing a map to start building your magnum opus of a metropolis in Cities: Skylines 2. If you’re scratching your head, here’s a rundown on the best starting map and an explanation of which map you should choose in Cities: Skylines 2.

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Best Starting Map to Choose in Cities: Skylines 2

Among the ten starting maps you can choose from when beginning Cities: Skylines 2, the Barrier Island is the best map to get your feet wet before challenging rougher biomes.

Naturally, each map has a different topography and a limited stretch of area where you can build, which makes deciding daunting. That said, players have reported Barrier Island offers a lot of resources and land to build and can be the perfect entry map for all players.

“Barrier Island is pretty good,” stated one Steam player. “Plenty of area to build, nice areas and scenery. Mostly flat. Easy access to water, [and] good currents.”

If you tried this map and weren’t enjoying managing a city on it, don’t worry. We have some alternatives for you.

Cities Skylines 2: How to Decide Which Map Is Best For You

As technical Cities: Skylines 2 can be, developer Colossal Order has diversified the starting maps enough to appeal to beginners and its most hardcore audience. For instance, besides Barrier Island, the other ideal starting map for newcomers is Lakeland, which has an abundance of resources to gather and a 49% building area.

On the flip side, expert city-building fanatics can really ramp up the difficulty by choosing Sweeping Plains and Archipelago Haven. These zones are complex, with little room for building large structures, and don’t have accessible resources. Furthermore, the terrains are plagued by rain and cold weather, meaning you’ll have to fight with Mother Nature, too. 

When deciding on the best map for you, consider the building area and how troublesome will it be to gather resources in the long run before starting. As long as you keep this in mind, you’ll have a better time making your city.

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