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How to Build Underground Metro in Cities: Skylines 2

All board the Metro!

As you start to get the hang of Cities: Skylines 2, improving your city bit by bit, you’ll eventually want to make an underground metro for the population. Transportation is incredibly vital to city progression, so here’s a guide on building an underground metro in Cities: Skylines 2.

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How to Unlock Underground Metro in Cities: Skylines 2

Before you can begin planning the route for an underground metro, you must unlock this transportation system via the Development Tree in Cities: Skylines 2. With development points earned from hitting new Milestones by growing your city, you can spend four resources to access the plans for an underground metro. 

Unlike the first game, where progression and new constructions were locked behind Milestones, Cities: Skylines 2 chucks that game loop out the window in favor of giving you free rein to decide what to unlock and use.

The cost to freely make an underground metro can seem hefty when starting on a new map, but over time, you’ll gain enough development points to really evolve your city.

Cities: Skylines 2: Tips on Building an Underground Metro

Once you unlock the underground metro in Cities: Skylines 2, set up a subway yard to start building the entire transportation network. Before doing this, consider setting aside plenty of space and determine where stations should settle for citizens to board and leave. 

You can manually place down the tracks if you’d like, but you can also make two stations and automatically connect them if you’re not concerned about placement. Honestly, one isn’t better than the other. Play around with this if you’re not particular about the exact angle but remember that an underground metro can’t take tight turns and will need to cover plenty of ground each trip.

With this system, your population can navigate the city much easier once it gets more crowded, so be mindful of where and when you place an underground metro. This is also something that you should keep in mind when terraforming your city.

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