Where to Unlock the Denouement of Sin Domain in Genshin Impact

The grinding starts early in Fontaine

Genshin Impact Denouement of Sin Featured

Are you still feeling like your characters are still lacking that extra punch, despite all of our hard work put into them? Maybe it’s time to try out some of the newly-introduced Fontaine Artifact sets, found in the Denouement of Sin domain. They are quite versatile compared to most new Artifacts, and many members of the extensive cast would love to have them.

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You’ll need to do the usual work of unlocking them after stepping into the region, but it’s an extra Teleport you’ll get to keep after that. And this one’s the easiest one out of the new ones too! Here’s where you need to go to unlock it.

How to Reach the Denouement of Sin Domain in Fontaine

The artifact domain is located right next to the first Statue of the Seven you’ll find in Fontaine. You’ll see it as soon as you unlock the map for the first time, and you can either glide directly to it or simply take the Aquebus and drop mid-journey to fall down to the domain.

Genshin Impact Denouement of Sin Location
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Regardless of your method, the domain is free for venturing as soon as you reach it. Climb down the mountains (if you happen to be on top of them) and interact with the doors to open them for the first time. You can now teleport to them anytime you want to start grinding for the Marechaussee Hunter and the Golden Troupe sets. 

How to Clear the Denouement of Sin Domain

The feature gimmick here is that your characters get more Critical Damage the more HP they lose. If you have any characters with an HP-sacrificing mechanic, such as Hu Tao, Xiao, or Lyney, bring them since they’ll get instant benefits from simply existing in this domain. But bring some healers if you’re not using them!

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The main enemies are the Mek constructs, so having a Pneuma/Ousia character can also make things easier. Or bring your usual wreck-it-all team to deal with that. It’ll probably work too.

The primary rewards for the domain are, as previously mentioned, the Marechaussee Hunter and the Golden Troupe Artifact Sets, which are very useful for various characters in both Fontaine and other previous regions. If you’re thinking about giving some of your older characters some extra love, consider getting them one of these sets!

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