Where to Get Carboxylic Acids in Starfield

You should probably count these carbs!

Starfield Carboxylic Acids
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Keeping track of the numerous resources in Starfield, especially tier two and higher, takes a lot of effort and perhaps a spreadsheet or two. Instead, learn where to get Carboxylic Acids in Starfield with our guide!

Where to Buy Carboxylic Acids in Starfield

To get Carboxylic Acids in Starfield, you have multiple options, including farming it yourself on resource-rich planets or buying from the following vendors:

  • Jemison Mercantile – New Atlantis
  • UC Distribution Center – New Atlantis
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – Neon

When I went searching, Jemison Mercantile didn’t have any in stock, though she does sell Carboxylic Acids frequently, but UC Distribution did have approximately 30 available for sale.

What Planets Have Carboxylic Acids?

Like most resources in the game, your best bet when tracking down Carboxylic Acids is to farm it for yourself by exploring planets. Sure, you can take the easy route and buy from the previously mentioned vendors, but that’s a band-aid solution. Instead, learn how to build an outpost and then set up a network. Before long, you’ll have all the resources you need for crafting, construction, and research.

There are over 60 planets that have Carboxylic Acids in Starfield:

Algorab IIAlgorab
Algorab III-BAlgorab
Andromas IIAndromas
Archimedes VI-aArchimedes
Bara IIIBara
Bardeen IIIBardeen
Bardeen VI-aBardeen
Bardeen VII-aBardeen
Bel IBel
Bohr VI-aBohr
Bohr VI-bBohr
Charybdis VIII-bCharybdis
Decaran IDecaran
Delta Vulpes V-aDelta Vulpes
Fermi IX-eFermi
Feynman VII-aFeynman
Feynman VIII-aFeynman
Groombridge VIII-aGroombridge
Guniibuu IIIGuniibuu
Guniibuu VII-bGuniibuu
Heinlein IV-dHeinlein
Heinlein VHeinlein
Heisenberg V-aHeisenberg
Heisenberg VI-aHeisenberg
Huygens V-aHuygens
Hyla IIHyla
Ixyll IVIxyll
Jaffa IVJaffa
Katydid I-bKatydid
Maal IX-cMaal
Maheo IV-cMaheo
Marduk IVMarduk
Moloch IIMoloch
Montara LunaCheyenne
Nemeria INemeria
Nikola INikola
Porrima IV-cPorrima
Porrima IV-dPorrima
Procyon VI-aProcyon
Rutherford VI-aRutherford
Rutherford IV-eRutherford
Schrodinger VI-cSchrodinger
Shoza IVShoza
Shoza VShoza
Sparta VII-cSparta
Sparta VIII-aSparta
Syrma IIISyrma
Syrma VI-dSyrma
Ternion IIITernion
Ternion IX-dTernion
Tidacha ITidacha
Tirna VIII-dTirna
Ursae Minor IIUrsae Minoris
Xi Ophiuchi VII-bXi Ophiuchi

What is Carboxylic Acids For?

You require Carboxylic Acids for the following crafting recipes, all of which are food items:

  • Antibiotic Paste
  • Dwarf Star Heart
  • Panopticon

While you’re doing some shopping for resources, particularly in Neon, why not stop over to the Ryujin Tower for Neuroamps!?

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