Where to Buy Neuroamps in Starfield

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Starfield Neuroamps in Ryujin Tower
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Depending on your playstyle, you may slide by in Starfield using nothing but persuasion checks and stealth, which can make for an entertaining yet challenging run. To make life easier, we recommend using Neuroamps in Starfield, but first, you must learn where to buy them and what they do.

Where to Get Neuroamps in Starfield

You can buy Neuroamps in Starfield from just three vendors in the game, including:

  • Aito Suzuki in Ryujin Tower.
  • Newill’s Goods in Neon Core.
  • Zuri on The Key.

While your best option is to buy them from Aito, as he has the largest selection and typically the highest prices for Neuroamps in the Settled Systems, Newill’s Good is the second-hand choice that proves more cost-effective normally.

If you’re part of the Crimson Fleet, Zuri will have two or three Neuroamps available to buy at any given time, though most of hers deal with Intimidation and Instigation.

What Do Neuroamps Do?

A Neuroamp in Starfield is a wearable piece of technology that attaches to the head, just beside the eye, and is found under the ‘Apparel’ category in the inventory. When worn, Neuroamps provide a significant buff to various Persuasion Checks, including Dipomacy, Instigation, and Intimidation.

Types of Neuroamps in Starfield

There are three major brands of Neuroamps in Starfield, including Neurocom, Neurotac, and Neuroboost. They increase various persuasion checks, such as Diplomacy, Instigation, and Intimidation, respectively. The higher the tier of your Neuroamp, the better the buff.


  • Neurocom Mark I: +5% Diplomacy Chance
  • Neurocom Mark II: +10% Diplomacy Chance
  • Neurocom Mark III: +15% Diplomacy Chance


  • Neurotac Mark I: +5% Instigation Chance
  • Neurotac Mark II: +10% Instigation Chance
  • Neurotac Mark III: +15% Instigation Chance


  • Neuroboost Mark I: +5% Intimidation Chance
  • Neuroboost Mark II: +10% Intimidation Chance
  • Neuroboost Mark III: +15% Intimidation Chance

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