Where to Find Tidalga in Genshin Impact

What even are these? Do we eat them? Do we craft with them?

Floating Tidalga in Hydro Dragon Skull in Genshin Impact's Fontaine
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Tidalga are a type of algae or plankton that float around in the depths of the Fontaine Lake of Genshin Impact, and while they really don’t look like much, they are a regional item that you need for a couple of different tasks! Though there aren’t many recipes that involve them, Tidalga is required to unlock the Fontaine Weapon Blueprints at the Blacksmith, so here is where you can find them!

All Tidalga Map Locations in Genshin Impact

Tidalga are commonly found in the Fontaine Lake so you won’t see these algae above water, which makes it considerably easier to find them. However, as a cluster of creatures floating in a large blue environment, it can be easy to miss them in the midst of all the other wildlife in Fontaine. So here are the biggest gatherings of Tidalga locations and where to commonly find them when you are in that area. Note also that while Tidalga are mostly blueish in color, they can also appear in hues of pink or purple with hints of yellow. 

Berrypuff Care Facility Map of Tidalga Locations

As one of the side missions in Fontaine, the Traveler discovers an abandoned research facility that houses a stray Blubberbeast. This area just outside the facility has plenty of Tidalga to farm that are both floating in the area as well as in higher portions closer to the water’s surface. Some can be found in the leaves of the flora which is typically where you can find most Tidalga in other areas like the mouth of the fallen Hydro Dragon. 

Outside the Poisson Map of Tidalga Locations

Just outside of the Poisson in Fontaine Lake is a trench that delves deeper into caverns that connect to many more underground secrets of Fontaine. But these aren’t where you find the Tidalga, instead, there are lilypad-like flora where Tidalga often float inside.

Outside the Opera Epiclese Map of Tidalga Locations

An interesting note about Tidalga is that they can often be found outside the research facilities that are now underwater. The next area shows just as much since there is another facility just outside the Opera Epiclese. 

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Institute of Natural Philosophy Map of Tidalga Locations

This location is locked behind a quest, one of which you can discover by following the guide to discovering the Narzissenkreuz Adventure Quest. This area has a bunch of areas you can both swim through and walk through but during the path, you can find quite a few Tidalga through this area which makes it a bit easier than just swimming around in the ocean trying to spot them. 

Tidalga have a way of just being present in the Fontaine Lake whether around abandoned facilities or ruins, and floating harmlessly in lily pads. They are spread far and wide, but luckily you only need a few so as to unlock the blueprints of the weapons in Fontaine. Be sure to check out the other Genshin Impact guides by visiting the game tag just below this article or through this link.

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