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Fontaine Local Legends Featured

There are many marvelous creatures hidden in the depths of Fontaine’s waters. From crabs to otters to stingrays, biodiversity is strong in the region. But the most fearsome creatures one can find under the sea are definitely the Local Legends, underwater bosses with unique methods for defeating. Here’s a complete list of them and their locations on the map.

How to Find and Defeat All Local Legends in Fontaine

There are 8 Local Legends to be found in the region, and you can meet them as soon as you first step into Fontaine. Two of them are actually on the surface and are some of the most formidable opponents in the game. They all grant achievements upon defeat.

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Table of Contents

1 – Iron Viscont

This one begins on the surface, too. Head to the boiling water lake next to the Statue of the Seven and solve its Hydro Cores puzzle. A water portal will open and take you to an underwater cavern.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Head to the northeast area of the cave and blow the slime barrels to reveal Hydro Cores. Use them twice on two of the three pedestals scattered around the area to put out the torches next to them. Put the third torch out manually (with either Cryo or Hydro), and the Hydro totem will open itself.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Activate the totem, and the area will be flooded. The boss will immediately appear, so grab a crab’s power and get ready to face it! Use the crab’s hold Skill to reflect the fish it throws at you, and don’t waste time attacking his shield when it puts it up. It goes down in just a few seconds and you can continue your assault.

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You get the Iron Viscont achievement for beating it, as well as some Treasures in the new path you just unlocked ahead of you in the cave.

2 – Fading Veteran

Fontaine Local Legends 2
Screenshot by Prima Games

In one of the lower Beryl Region underground teleports. Swim down to the undersea cave next to the wreckages until you find a giant seal. Borrow another seal’s power to face it. It can turn invisible, so you gotta see where the attacks are coming from and retaliate with your sonar skill. If you hit it while it’s invisible, it takes extra damage and gets stunned for a while.

If you pay enough attention, you can see it just like you can see the invisible Fatui Assassins, so be patient, and you’ll eventually bring it down. You get the Fading Veteran achievement for defeating it.

3 – Fairy Twin Knights

Fontaine Local Legends 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Angelica and Medoro can be found next to the Talent Domain. Your weapon of choice will be the stingray’s talons. The whole fight is based around dodging their own waves and waiting for a specific attack where they create a blue tether between them. Use the ray’s skill to cut it (just like you cut underwater vines) and deal big damage to them.

They’ll just repeat the same attacks after being hit, so just keep on dodging and go for the nearby fish if you happen to get hurt. You get the The Fairy Twin Knights achievement for defeating them. If your character falls in battle, you also achieve The White Path Between Two Rivers.

4 – Ocean Circuit Judge

Fontaine Local Legends 4
Screenshot by Prima Games

Another giant crab is going to the pan. It’s also next to the Talent Domain but in the opposite direction. You’ll immediately see it guarding a treasure chest. Use a crab’s power and prepare for the same type of battle you just had with the Iron Viscont, including the shield phases. You get the Ocean Circuit Judge achievement for bringing this crab to the pan.

5 – Dobharcu, Lord of The Hidden

Fontaine Local Legends 5
Screenshot by Prima Games

In the waters of the Chemin de L’Espoir, next to the Annapausis area. It’s the same as the Fading Veteran, so you should be having an easier time beating this one up. You get the ‘Dobharcu, Lord of the Hidden’ achievement for defeating it. 

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6 – Swords of the Gorge

Fontaine Local Legends 6
Screenshot by Prima Games

Another double stingray boss battle, located next to the Thalatta Submarine Canyon waypoint. As long as you can reliably break their tethers, you should defeat Cortana and Mugleis easily. As usual, you get the Swords of the Gorge achievement for defeating them.

7 – Ninianne of the Lake

Fontaine Local Legends 7
Screenshot by Prima Games

On the beaches north of Elynas. This is a regular boss battle, so bring your best teams to it. Ninianne has a huge HP pool, so use a few food buffs and have a good sustainer for this lengthy fight. Hyperbloom/Burgeon comps can be especially effective here as you don’t need to apply Hydro first, as the boss is always imbued with it. Your reward is the Ninianne of the Lake achievement. 

8 – Vivianne of the Lake

Fontaine Local Legends 8
Screenshot by Prima Games

The final legend is Ninianne’s older sister Vivianne, who is even more aggressive than the previous challenge. The same team you just used might be just as effective here, so keep your heals/shields up, and eventually, you’ll shed through her 3 million HP threshold. The Vivianne of the Lake achievement is your reward for besting her.

The local legends are optional challenges and provide no other external rewards upon their defeat. You can rematch them anytime you want by approaching them again, but unless you’re looking for a tough challenge, there’s no real point in doing it. But make sure to beat them at least once to claim their chests for those sweet Hydro Sigils you can use in the Fountain of Lucine.

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