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Where to Find the Shell Bell in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Shell out some cold hard cash for this Shell Bell

by Daphne Fama

Competitive Pokemon trainers have been asking themselves one question since the dawn of hold items – what’s better, Leftovers or the Shell Bell? For those out of the loop, or not up to date on the countless hold items, these are items that in some way heal your Pokemon, though it’s how they do it that distinguishes them.

Leftovers will heal your Pokemon 1/16 of their total health every turn. Shell Bell, in contrast, will heal your Pokemon based on 1/8 of the damage they dealt that turn. The way this works out is that, usually, Shell Bell heals more, but it requires a moderately offensive Pokemon.

There, I solved the debate. But where can you find this hold item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Where to Find the Shell Bell in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Finding the Shell Bell is relatively straightforward. There are two locations you can go to add it to your arsenal of held items.

The first is by heading to Levincia to peruse the wares provided by Delibird Presents. There, you’ll find it amongst battle items, but for a fairly hefty price. It’ll take you back 20,000 Pokedollars, and wouldn’t you rather spend that on bottle caps?

Fortunately, there are other alternatives available to you. Like most held items, it’s available to find in Porto Marinada, though refreshing auctions can be a little more tedious than refreshing Mass Outbreaks.

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A much more straightforward option (that’s free!) is to simply earn a Shell Bell through some gumption. Head to South Province Area Three and speak to the League Representative by the Pokemon Center there. He’ll instruct you to fight six trainers for a fabulous prize.

Locate 6 trainers scattered around South Province Area Three and return and he’ll hand you the Shell Bell free of charge. What a nice guy!

Good luck getting that Bell, trainers.

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