Where to Find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Baldur's Gate 3 where to find the Nightsong
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Finding the Nightsong is a quest objective you’ll encounter early in your playthrough, with various leads directing you to numerous areas around Act One’s map. However, there’s more to this story than you’re led to believe.

Here’s how to find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3.


The guide below includes numerous Act One and Act Two spoilers – Proceed at your own risk!

How to Find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll find the Nightsong during Act Two’s Shadowfell region after venturing through the Goblin Camp, entering the Underdark or Mountain Pass, and entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Upon entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands, you’ll pass through Reithwin Town and eventually Thorm’s Grand Mausoleum, leading you directly to the Nightsong.

How to Reach the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 provides two options for reaching Act Two’s Shadow-Cursed Lands:

  • Underdark Route
  • Mountain Pass Route

Depending on where you go, you’ll have two completely different questlines before finding the next area. The Underdark requires venturing through the Goblin Camp’s Defiled Temple, Underdark Beach, and the Grymforge. Alternatively, the Mountain Pass has two routes directly south and north of the Goblin Camp and requires siding with the Absolute.

Regardless of your route, you’ll eventually arrive in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, where you’ll have to pick up a light source or the Moonlantern to protect yourself from the land’s curse.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Nightsong Location

Once you arrive in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, you’ll have to go to Last Light Inn before traveling further through the area, encountering Thorm’s Grand Mausoleum, and arriving in the Shadowfell. After completing the Mausoleum’s painting puzzle, you’ll progress through the Gauntlet of Shar before entering the Shadowfell.

Upon entering the Shadowfell, you’ll officially arrive in Nightsong’s Prison. Jump down the floating platforms from here to reach the area’s center, meeting Nightsong and Balthazar for the first time.

Once you do this, you’ll officially find the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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