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Where to Find the Lodge in Starfield

The home of Constellation, and soon your home too.

As you begin your journey in Starfield, you’ll have to check out a lot of places that can be tough to access when you’re trying to learn the 500 things the game throws at you early. Gunplay, movement, speechcraft, inventory management, maps, story, you name it. One such location comes up during the mission One Small Step, and will see you visiting it frequently afterward. Here’s where to find the Lodge in Starfield.

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How to Get to The Lodge in Starfield

Starfield New Atlantis Spaceport
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To get to the Lodge, you’ll want to head to the city of New Atlantis, found on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. It can be spotted easily by heading to the western side of the system map, if you haven’t been there yet. Once there, land in New Atlantis and you should find yourself in the Spaceport.

Starfield Spaceport Statue
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Once at the Spaceport, make your way down the main ramp and to the left, through a security checkpoint. From here, you’ll see a large, intertwining statue. Head around the right side and toward the New Atlantis Transit (NAT) tram car. Interact with it, then select the MAST District as your destination.

Starfield The Lodge
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Once you’re in the MAST District, you should see a large ramp in front of you. Head up and to the right once you reach the top. You can either go through the trees here or follow the path; it’s entirely up to you. From here, you should see a large building surrounded by a metal fence. This is the Lodge, and if you haven’t been here before, you can use your watch to unlock the door. You’ll also unlock this as a fast-travel point from the planet map, meaning you don’t have to make that trip every time.

What Can Be Found in the Lodge?

Starfield Barrett at Constellation Lodge
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The Lodge is the home of Constellation’s members, provided they aren’t your companion or part of your ship’s crew. Provided you’ve unlocked all five main companions, you can find the following people here:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Barrett
  • Andreja
  • Sam Coe
  • Vasco

You’ll also find many side characters, including Matteo Khatri, Walter Stroud, and Vladimir Sall (unless he’s in the Eye).

If you head to the basement, you can find all different types of workbenches for research and crafting. If you head in further, you can also find a secret spacesuit. You can find more details about that in our guide on how to get the Lodge Basement spacesuit in Starfield.

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