Where to Find the Equestrian Center in The Sims 4

Cars? We're here to ride on horseback.

Where to Find the Equestrian Center in The Sims 4
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There are many horse lovers worldwide, and what better way to express this than to hop into The Sims 4 and ride some? While this feature isn’t available in the base game, Horse Ranch allows you to travel around on horseback and even participate in competitions to prove your horse’s skills are better than everyone else’s. The first step is knowing where to find the main building to organize it all. Let’s explore how to find the Equestrian Center in The Sims 4 so we can buy and ride some horses.

The Sims 4 Equestrian Center Location

The Equestrian Center is part of the Horse Ranch expansion pack and is located in the center of Chestnut Ridge. Although you cannot fast travel directly to the center, you can easily arrive here by teleporting to Duke’s Hall Park, turning the camera, and looking for a building with a green roof. This building is the Equestrian Center, and you can freely interact with it to purchase or rescue horses.

What Does the Equestrian Center Do in The Sims 4?

The Equestrian Center is a location that allows you to purchase or adopt a horse and enter horse riding competitions. Buying a horse costs 1,000 Simoleons and lets you get one with mostly positive traits. Alternatively, rescuing a horse costs 250. However, these horses typically have more challenging traits, such as aggressive, fearful, or needy, requiring you to be extra careful when caring for them.

Once you purchase a horse, you can use the Equestrian Center to participate in horse competitions. The difficulties range from beginner to master, with a bonus “Ultimate Horse Championship” for those who have perfected the art of horse riding.

Entering any competition costs Simoleons, ranging from 100 for beginners to 1,000 for masters, with the Ultimate championship entry fee being 2,000. However, being in the top three results in profiting from participating, with first place’s prize being triple the entry fee. It’s certainly worth trying if you’re an experienced horse rider who wants to prove your skill.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. To learn more about various locations in the game, check out where to find the Graveyard in Sims 4, or click the game tag below to dive into our growing article list.

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