Where to Find Spices in Fallout 76

A little spice makes things nice!

Fallout 76 Flatwoods Kitchen
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As you wander Appalachia, you will discover countless pieces of loot that, on the surface, appear useless but become valuable when used correctly. Here is where to find spices in Fallout 76.

Where Are Spices in Fallout 76?

When it comes to where you can find spices in Fallout 76, think about what types of businesses would keep cooking ingredients around. You will find them in restaurants, taverns, pubs, etc.

A few key locations to find spices include:

  • Helvetia
    • Freyja’s Haus
    • Honey Haus
  • Bolton Greens
  • Blackwater Mine
  • Portside Pub
  • The General’s Steakhouse
  • Watoga Shopping Plaza
  • Drumlin Diner
  • Flatwoods
  • The Whitespring Golf Club
  • Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go
  • The Sludge Hole
  • Hillfolk Hotdogs
  • The Rusty Pick

Like most other loot in Fallout 76, spices occasionally spawn randomly out in the world. You will find them in containers, on kitchen cabinets, and lying around on the ground in destroyed homes and businesses. Keep an eye out.

What Are Spices For?

Fallout 76 Cooking Station
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You will use spices quite often, actually, in countless cooking recipes in Fallout 76. Too many players overlook basic items, like salt and spices, and either dump them somewhere or scrap them altogether. But that’s a mistake! If you cook with them, you can create high-quality food items that heal and buff.

A few notable crafting recipes that require spices include:

  • Cranberry Meatball Grinder
  • Fasnacht Donut
  • Fasnacht Sauage
  • Iguana Soup
  • Mirelurk Softshell Cake
  • Mystery Meat Pie
  • Radstag Stew
  • S’mores
  • Steeped Melon Blossom Chai
  • Sweet Roll

While most of these cooking recipes do provide radiation, they also heal over time. Some even heal a set amount in one burst. Useful.

With all of that cooking you’re doing now that you have spices, you’ll want an ice-cold Nuka Cola Orange to satisfy your thirst.

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