Where to Find Nuka Cola Orange Locations in Fallout 76

A refreshing drink in the wasteland!

Fallout 76 Bubbles
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With so many unique flavors of Nuka Cola on the market, how do you choose the right one for the job? Here is where to find Nuka Cola Orange in Fallout 76.

Where to Buy Nuka Cola Orange in Fallout 76

When tracking down the Nuka Cola Orange locations in Fallout 76, chances are high that you’ll wind up collecting more bottles from looting containers than spending your hard-earned caps at Bubbles, the vendor in Whitespring Refuge. But if you’re lazy and have too many caps, a quick visit there will see you stocked up on all of the key flavors of Nuka Cola. She sells them all!

Alternatively, you can find this rare soft drink around Appalachia, including at:

  • Nuka-Cola Vending Machine in Nuka-World on Tour
  • Eta Psi House
  • Middle Mountain Cabins
  • Train Station Vending Machines
  • Nuka Cola Collector at Player-Owned C.A.M.P.s
  • Whitespring Resort

They’re scattered all around and part of the random loot table, so keep an eye out in your travels.

What Does Nuka Cola Orange Do?

Fallout 76 Nuka Cola Orange
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Like the various other flavors of Nuka Cola, Orange provides a few benefits if you’re willing to pop the top and take a drink. These benefits include:

  • 150 HP
  • 50 AP
  • +25 Rad Resistance
  • 15% Water
  • 0% Disease

Furthermore, a single bottle is worth approximately 38 caps and weighs just one pound, though the price does vary across the region and depending on your perks.

In addition to Nuka Cola Orange, Fallout 76 also features Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Cola Dark, Nuka Cola Wild, Nuka Grape, and Nuka Cola Quantum.

If you don’t mind sipping beverages from before the great nuclear war, you likely won’t mind acquiring some of the best mutations in the game, right?

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