Where to Find Schematics in MW3 Zombies

Why loot when you can craft

Schematics MW3
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Schematics are required if you plan on crafting any items outside of your deployment in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Actually finding them is an entirely different story though. This guide will go over how you can get them for yourself.

How to Get Schematics in MW3 Zombies

You can earn Schematics by completing contracts and searching the Reward Rifts that appear at any level on the map. There is a small chance that these recipes can appear in Aether Chests as well, but in my experience, I have only found them in the rift orbs. Contract types themselves won’t make a difference in the loot you get in the end.

Schematics themselves are almost entirely random. Unless you can earn a specific recipe as a reward from the story missions in MW3 Zombies, you’re left with a roll of the dice. You have to keep grinding out contracts and hoping that you stumble on a Schematic you haven’t extracted yet. And yes, there can be duplicates, which makes it a bit tougher.

Difficulty Tiers on Urzikstan should have an impact on the drop rate of the Schematics and rare materials as a whole. However, I’ve been able to find rare drops like the recipe for the Ray Gun and Juggernog in Tier 1 levels. In fact, most of my schematics have been from Tier 1 contracts, so don’t be afraid to grind those out.

Once you find a schematic, I highly recommend extracting it as soon as you can. Servers have been known to crash and if you die with the item in hand, it’s gone for good. That Ray Gun schematic that my squad found was one of the victims of players spamming sentry guns and crashing the game, so don’t let that happen to you as well.

Another great item to have on hand is the Uncommon Aether Tool, so make sure you know where to get one.

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