How to Get Uncommon Aether Tool Plans in MW3 Zombies

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The Uncommon Aether Tool Plans allow players to craft an item that upgrades their weapon to the uncommon rarity. However, the schematic recipe must be earned by completing a specific mission in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Where to Get Uncommon Aether Tool Plans in MW3 Zombies

Players can earn the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans by completing the Act 1 Tier 3 mission Saboteur. This mission has the following requirements:

  • Complete an Aether Extractor Contract.
  • Kill 15 Mercenaries guarding the Extractors.
  • Shoot down a reinforcement helicopter.
  • Exfil with the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans.

The Aether Extractor contract, found around the map alongside other contracts, has players disabling three Aether Extractors by interacting with them before they explode. Mercenaries will guard these, while reinforcements will be flown in.

The hardest part is blowing up a reinforcement helicopter, which requires either a Pack-a-Punch upgraded weapon, an explosive launcher, or a team of players shooting it all at once before it flies away.

The reward portal for completing the contract will give the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans, which will be placed in the player’s inventory. Players must successfully exfil with the plans to claim and use them.

How to Craft Uncommon Aether Tools in MW3 Zombies

The Uncommon Aether Tool can be crafted before missions by selecting the rucksack inventory and then the Schematic Crafting menu. Go to the Aetherium tab and select the green Uncommon Aether Tool.

This will place the item in your backpack and must be activated in-game. Crafting one will cause a two-hour cooldown before another one can be created.

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