Where to Find Pre-War Money in Fallout 76

Here's where to find cold, hard cash!

Fallout 76 Cash Register
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You will stumble upon all sorts of junk during your adventures throughout Appalachia, some of which are genuinely useful. Here is where to find Pre-War Money in Fallout 76.

Where You Can Find Pre-War Money in Fallout 76

While bottle caps remain the game’s currency, you can still find pre-war money in Fallout 76 by looking in various locations, such as cash registers, safes, cargo containers, and on the bodies of unfortunate settlers who met an untimely demise.

But why would you bother scooping up pre-war money? It’s a junk item, right? We’ll go over that shortly.

Fallout 76 Pre-War Money
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If you’re looking for pre-war money, here is where to focus your search efforts:

  • Safes: You can find the traditional tumbler safe in numerous businesses and homes across Appalachia. Some are massive standalone safes, and others are floor or wall-mounted. But they all typically spawn pre-war money.
  • Cash Register: You will find cash registers in businesses everywhere, with one right across from the church in Flatwoods. There, you will discover pre-war money. But be on the lookout for other registers. They come in various colors and sizes but usually sit on or behind the counter.
  • Events: Some events across Appalachia spawn pre-war cash, including Collision Course, Dropped Connection, and Back on the Beat.

What Use is Pre-War Money?

The pre-war money you find scattered throughout Fallout 76 has a singular use: cloth. You can use a workbench to scrap pre-war money into a single cloth, which you may then use to craft:

  • Furniture
  • Lightweight Armor
  • Clothing
  • Bulk Cloth

You will need a lot of cloth if you want to create a fast-moving, lightweight build, like a melee build that can hit and run enemies in Grafton.

Once you track down all the pre-war money you need for crafting in Fallout 76, come back here to learn where to find Mole Miners.

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