Where to Find Midtown Minerals in Starfield

The one stop shop for minerals on Akila.

Starfield Midtown Minerals
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While finding minerals and supplies yourself in Starfield can save you a boatload of money later, it’s much less enjoyable. We spend enough time grinding in other games and life anyway. We don’t need another game of grinding to add to that list, especially if it isn’t necessary. Thankfully, Bethesda thought of this when making the game and added shops that sell minerals exclusively. One such shop can be tough to find though. Here’s where to find Midtown Minerals in Starfield.

How to Get to Midtown Minerals in Starfield

The Midtown Minerals store can be found in Akila City. To reach it, head to the Cheyenne system and click on the planet of Akila, where you’ll find Akila City sitting nicely on the side of the planet. Once you’ve landed, make your way through the front gate. Make your way down the street to The Rock, the Freestar Rangers’ base. When you’re at the front door, look directly left, and you’ll see the Midtown Minerals store.

Head inside and speak to the woman at the main counter, Alejandra Kane. Speaking with her should bring up her Resources inventory, letting you purchase around 20 different minerals. Each of them go for the standard price, so you shouldn’t need to hop from place to place just to save a few Credits on some minerals you’re buying.

How to Reset the Midtown Minerals Stock

If the vendor of Midtown Minerals is out of Credits or the mineral you’re trying to buy, there is a way to reset their stock. Within the store is a small, fancy chair you can sit in. Sit down and wait 24 in-game hours, then check the vendor’s stock again. She should have more minerals for you to purchase. If she doesn’t have what you want, repeat the process until she does.

If you’re looking for more help with finding resources, check out our guide on where to buy Lithium in Starfield.

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