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Where to Find Larval Tears in Elden Ring

Larval Tears are an important item in Elden Ring. After players defeat Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, the demigod boss, they will get access to Elden Ring’s respec system. By bringing Larvel Tears to Rennala at the library of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, players will be able to reset their skill points and create a new build if they wish.

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Players will need one Larval Tear for each respec they wish to perform, as the Larval Tear allows Rennala to perform a “rebirth ritual.” Interestingly, the in-game lore refers to the Larval Tear as the core of a creature of mimicry, which implies the ritual might result in the creation of a copy and the destruction of the original person.

Where to find Larval Tears

Larval Tears can be found all over the map but will be concentrated in certain areas.

  • The Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes will have a Larvel Tear in the graveyard. The village can be found under the massive rock overhand in the southwest of the region.
  • Nokron, Eternal City will contain multiple Larval Tears. This area can only be visited after players have fought Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle in Caelid. He will release a star upon death that crashes into the earth, smashing a hole through to the Eternal City. After the fight, players can head to the east of Limgrave, south of the entrance to Siofra River to find the entrance. Fully exploring the city and the adjoining Night’s Sacred Ground area will yield multiple Tears.
  • A Tear can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant that can be found in Siofra River. This will cost 3000 Runes.
  • After defeating Royal Knight Loretta in the Caria Manor in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes, players will be able to access the graveyard where they will find a ghost in a chair. Interacting with it will yield another Tear.

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