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Where to Find Kauller the Collector in Diablo 4

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by Madison Benson
Diablo 4 Where to Find Kauller the Collector

Different side quests in Diablo 4 will require you to do all kinds of things. Sometimes, you will have to emote in specific spots, while other times, you must defeat bosses and collect their loot. The Beast’s Challenge, a side mission given to you by Greganoch in the Bear Tribe Refuge, asks you to collect from the collector. More specifically, you will have to find and defeat this boss for its head! If you would like to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find Kauller the Collector in Diablo 4.

Kauller the Collector Location in Diablo 4

When you first begin this quest, you will find a large blue circle covering Sinner’s Pass, just north of the Bear Tribe Refuge camp. As you run through this area, you will spot groups of smaller enemies attacking you, with Kauller the Collector in the northern part of the Pass.

Kauller the Collector Location in Diablo 4

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After approaching the scene, the boss will appear as a menacing white skull on your map, with the massive axe-wielding beast patrolling the spot.

How to Defeat Kauller the Collector in Diablo 4

If you are low-level while tackling this quest, this boss will not be too challenging to defeat. However, as you approach level 20 or higher, his difficulty also scales, making it easy for Kauller to one-shot your character. If you are using a Necromancer, you may also find your skeletal army quickly getting killed by the boss.

Kauller has two main attacks to watch one for. The first is a series of axe swings in rapid succession, while the second is an overhead ground slam. You will want to dodge these attacks as much as possible, especially the axe slam attack, while inflicting as much damage as possible.

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Kauller has relatively low health compared to other bosses in the game, making it straightforward to out-DPS him if you have an offensive build. However, you will still want to keep an eye on your health and make sure you have decent gear.

Once you defeat Kauller the Collector, you will get his head as a quest item. Return this to Greganoch to finish the Beast’s Challenge mission!

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