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Where to Find Heavy Chopper Fuel in COD DMZ

Escape from Al Mazrah.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Heavy Chopper COD DMZ

Extraction is always the name of the game in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode, and with the launch of Season 3, players have another method of leaving the game in the form of the Heavy Chopper. It won’t be as easy as simply finding the vehicle though, and some special fuel is required to fly.

To make matters even more complicated, the Heavy Chopper fuel isn’t readily available when you’re searching within Al Mazrah. There are only a couple of locations that you can search and they tend to get hot, so prepare for some fights as you make your way to the fuel.

COD DMZ – Where to Find Heavy Chopper Fuel

The best location to search for some special fuel in Al Mazrah is the Al Malik Airport all the way to the southeast. This area was already known for having the standard transport choppers, so it’s no surprise that the Heavy Chopper Fuel can also spawn here. Your best bet is to search around the control tower in the center of the airport, but the fuel can technically spawn in any of the hangar locations as well.

Another location you can search for is the cargo train that makes its way around the map in Al Mazrah. Just like the airport, the cargo train is going to be extra hot due to the chance of a weapon case spawning. All of the crates on the train have the chance of spawning Heavy Chopper Fuel, so head here if the airport is too far or it’s dry in COD DMZ.

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To find the Heavy Chopper itself, there are also two main locations. You can either search the harbor on the edge of Hafid Port or you can go back to the Al Malik Airport. Regardless of the location, you’ll only be able to get these choppers in Al Mazrah, and when you get one, you can Private Exfil out of the area with no issues.

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