Where To Find Crash Pad Jr. in Fortnite

Find out how to get this unvaulted item in Fortnite.

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As you explore the map in Fortnite, you’ll find a variety of exciting weapons and items that can give you the edge you need to win the round. Let’s see where the Crash Pad Jr. is waiting for us to deliver some mayhem.

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How To Find Crash Pad Jr. in Fortnite

Since it’s unvaulting, the Crash Pad Jr. can be found around the map in various locations. With a 60% drop rate, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter a Crash Pad Jr. just through regular gameplay while exploring all of the different spots on the map. As you drop from the Battle Bus, just keep your eyes peeled for Uncommon items, and you’ll likely encounter one.

You can also search through Loot Chests for a good chance of getting one of these items, and they’re worth the time to search them out. They’re a great evasive weapon, and can also catch an opponent off guard if you toss one in their range of movement. Since they’ll be zooming around, likely trying to eliminate you, sending them into the air without them knowing could give you a guaranteed chance to eliminate them from the match. You can also use these items to get to hard-to-reach locations since they’ll bounce you rather high into the air.

Season 5, Chapter 1 continues to get new weapons and items from previous seasons, with new guns like the Enforcer AR helping players dominate the battlefield before them. Combining your skills with the Crash Pad Jr., players will find it easier than ever to start claiming Victory Royales, or at least making their opponents suffer at their hands. It’s a great item, and it’s rather easy to get your hands on.

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