Where to Find Clearwater Jade in Genshin Impact

The hunt for shiny rocks begin

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jades Featured

Genshin Impact has that tendency to keep adding different ascension items with each new area that arrives, and the new Chenyu Vale brought us the Clearwater Jade, a new ore with a peculiar method for farming it.

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All Clearwater Jade Locations in Genshin Impact

Clearwater Jade is used for ascending characters like Xianyun and can be found exclusively in the Chenyu Vale region between Fontaine and Liyue. It appears normally on ground areas but can also grow on the back of the turtles roaming the area. Either way, you have to mine the Jades with a Claymore or a Geo character. Skills like Zhongli’s shield are perfect for farming ores in general, so use them if you can.

Additionally, Qiqi can locate Liyue’s specialties around the map when she’s at your party, indicating where to find them with a hand icon on the map. If you have her, bring her to make locating the turtles easier.

Clearwater Jades in Upper Vale

Some turtles carrying these precious ores can be found roaming around the Yilong Wharf. Start from the top circle and go down using the various teleports around the map to grab these. You’ll need to finish some quests to unlock certain features from the area, but teleports aren’t one of them, fortunately.

Clearwater Jades in Southern Mountain

The largest concentration is around the lower portion of the map, so head to these for some easy Jades. Again, use the circle as your starting point and follow the map while grabbing your items for ascension.

There are also some more Jades in here, but now they’re above the Statue of the Seven. Do the same thing you’ve done until here, making good use of the Golden Carp’s Leap interactable mechanics you can find around here.

You need a total of 167 Jades to fully ascend a character to 90. There is nowhere near the whole amount even if you get all of them, so wait for three daily resets until they respawn. Alternatively, you can hop on a friend’s world to get the missing Jades if you can’t wait to use your Xianyun to her fullest potential. If they’re saving for another character, they’ll probably not mind the interruption.

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