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Where to Find Cigar Boxes in COD DMZ

It's not all about weapons.

Upgrades in Call of Duty: DMZ requires a ton of different materials found around the various maps in the game, and Cigar Boxes happen to be another item on the long shopping list. To help you get through your stash upgrades as fast as possible, I’ll cover where you can find these boxes and the most common spawns.

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How to Get Cigar Boxes in Call of Duty DMZ

Cigar Boxes can be found all over Ashika Island and within boats on any of the major COD DMZ maps. When I was searching for cigars on my own time, I relied heavily on the Beach Club location on Ashika Island. This building always has a couple of boxes that spawn on the ground or in the standard loot containers.

Ashika Island in general has a ton of potential spawns for Cigar Boxes, so this is where you want to start looting if you want to finish your Stash upgrades as fast as possible. The only downside is how dangerous the map typically is. You will certainly run into enemy teams that are out for blood. If you can take them out, there is a good chance some of them also have boxes in their bags.

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It’s possible to get Cigar Boxes in COD DMZ maps like Al Mazrah as well. However, the spawns won’t be nearly as frequent when compared to Ashika. Instead, you need to search ships on the coastlines of Al Mazrah, such as Sawah Village in the south, or Hafid Port in the west. Searching the broken down ships is your best bet.

To get the full Stash upgrade in COD DMZ, you will need a total of 9 Cigar Boxes, so the search will take at least a few different deployments. And that is without any teams hunting you down.

Make sure to take advantage of all the Temp V Field Upgrades so your chances of survival in DMZ start soaring.

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