Where to Find Canines in Fallout 76

Who let the dogs out?

Fallout 76 Canines
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You may wish to track down man’s four-legged friend in Appalachia for numerous reasons, like for their resources or to complete an event. No matter the reason here is where to find canines in Fallout 76, including mongrels, dogs, and wolves.

Where to Find Canine Spawn Locations in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, you can stumble upon canine spawns all around Appalachia. Still, a few guaranteed spawn locations include just down the road from the Overseer’s Camp, before you hit Flatwoods, and during the Leader of the Pack event above the Tyler County Fairgrounds.

Mongrel Spawn Locations

Fallout 76 Mongrels
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If you want or need to track down a few mongrels to take out, the known mongrel spawn locations include:

  • On the road between the Overseer’s Camp and Flatwoods.
  • By the windmill north of Grafton Station.
  • The north end of Whitespring Golf Club.

Like any creatures in Fallout 76, you may occasionally find mongrels roaming the world or in random locations.

Wolf Spawn Locations

Unlike mongrels, wolves prove somewhat trickier to find in Fallout 76. They spawn in deep forests, typically speaking, and you can find a few key spawns here:

  • Near Tyler County Fairgrounds during Leader of the Pack.
  • During the Free Range community event.
  • South of Huntersville
  • Near Autumn Acre Cabin.

Dog Spawn Locations

As for dogs, they’re the trickiest of all. Most of the canines in Fallout 76 have become wild and erratic, attacking on sight. The dogs, however, remain friendly to their owners, typically the Blood Eagles. You can find dogs:

  • Blood Eagle camps
  • Blood Eagle patrols

See? Blood Eagles!

How to Beat Vicious Dogs and Mongrels

Despite their speed and ferocity, canines like the vicious dogs and mongrels you discover in the wild are pretty squishy. If you can land a hit, they go down relatively quickly. Furthermore, they like to close the distance using hit-and-run tactics.

I recommend starting with a high-rate-of-fire weapon, like the Gatling Laser, which is total overkill, and then switching to a Rocket Sledgehammer to finish the job. These two cut down mongrels with ease.

Once you’re finished mopping up the canines in Fallout 76, why not track down Mole Miners next?

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