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Where to Find All Lioness Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fishy Business Quest Guide

Dig, fish, and chat your way to a Level 4 friendship

by Daphne Fama
Lion King Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve spoken to Nala, you might have found yourself embroiled in the Fishy Business Quest. A quest that tasks you with finding an assortment of lionesses statues. If you don’t know where to start your hunt, here’s where to find all Lioness Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley for the Fishy Business Quest.

Where to Find All Lioness Statues in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fishy Business Quest Guide

First things first. To start this quest, you’ll need to speak to Nala. Once you do, she’ll tell you that she’s found something strange while doing her patrols and she wants you to investigate.

Invite Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to Skull Rock near Dazzle Beach to start your investigation. Skull Rock is on the island just south of the beach. Once you’re near Skull Rock, run around until you see a patch of ground that sparkles. Using your Royal Shovel, dig it up.

You’ll reveal a Blue Lioness Statue, which bears a faint resemblance to Nala and seemed to hum with magical energy. Neat!

Next, you’re going to need to take a photo of the Mythical Rift to show to Nala. The Mythical Rift will be the glowing purple spot in the water. Take a selfie with it by equipping your camera in the tool menu.

Once you have the photo, return to Nala to show it to her. It’s possible that Nala will also just spawn beside you, which is very convenient.

Speak to her, and she’ll tell you that she’ll guard the Rift to make sure that nothing comes through. But there are two more statues to find: one in the Frosted Heights and one in the Glade of Trust.

Let’s go to Frosted Heights first.

Head to Frosted Heights, and make your way to the northmost bridge. Beneath this bridge will be another rift. At one end of the bridge will be another place on the ground that glitters. Dig up this spot with your Royal shovel and you’ll unbury the next Lioness Statue.

This one is purple.

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The last statue is in the Glade of Trust.

Go to the very north part of the glade, near the pond that’s directly to the left of the Peaceful Meadow ramp. Again, you’ll see another Mythical Rift in the water. And by observing it, you’ll find that there’s a glittering spot on the ground.

Dig up the last statue, which is orange.

Speak to Nala. Apparently, Goofy’s seen something near the Mythical Rifts before. Hunt him down and speak to him. When you speak to him, he’ll tell you that he’s seen a weird fish on Dazzle Beach.

Return to Skull Island and the nearby Mythical Rift. There will be a new fishing circle beside the rift on Skull Island, so cast your line. Catch the fish, and you’ll find that it’s… odd. And truly deserving of its name, Weird Fish. Apparently, it’s halfway between the Here and There, which explains its strange appearance.

Speak to Nala again, who will then instruct you to speak to Ursula. After all, if there’s a woman who knows about weird fishes, it’s her.

Hand over your collection of statues and Weird Fish to Ursula. She’ll tell you a few mysterious things, but what matters is that this quest is pretty much done. Head back to Nala to report what Ursual said. Nala retorts that she’ll be there to guard against anything else that might come through the Rift, and you’ve completed her Level 4 Friendship Quest. Congratulations!

So ends Fishy Business. But there are quite a few other quests that have come with the update. If you’re struggling with some of the Easter Tasks, we have you covered: How to Complete That’s Not Where Eggs Come From in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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