Where to Buy Fiber in Starfield

I need it with every Fiber of my being.

Starfield Fiber
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As you make your way through Starfield and mess about with its various systems, you’ll likely find yourself needing all sorts of resources. Outpost building is expensive and only becomes worse when you then factor in the materials required for crafting various items, weapon modifications, and spacesuit upgrades. One such resource can be hard to find, though very useful. Here’s where to buy Fiber in Starfield.

How to Buy Fiber in Starfield

If you’re looking to buy some Fiber in Starfield, you’ll want to head to one of the few general stores located in each major city. I like going to either Jemison Mercantile or Shepard’s General Store, but other general stores, like the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis, may sell Fiber as well. Once you get there, it should sell for something like three Credits a piece, so buying a bunch shouldn’t be a problem.

I doubt you’ll have this issue yourself, but if you find yourself needing more than what the shop is offering, there’s a way to reset their stock. Within each shop or nearby should be a place to sit down. Take a seat, then wait 24 in-game hours. After you get out of the seat, speak to the shop owner again, and they should be selling some more. You can do this as many times as you’d like.

What is Fiber Used For?

Fiber is used in the construction of a few different things, especially in the creation of specific spacesuit mods. For example, the Ballistic Shielding mod for spacesuits requires that you have two Fiber, and will increase the Physical damage resistance for that spacesuit. You’ll also need it to make Polytextile, which is useful in the creation of more advanced spacesuit mods. Each Polytextile requires two Fiber.

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