Where to Buy 40mm XPL Ammo in Starfield

For when you need something a little more explosive.

Starfield 40mm XPL ammo
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While you can live off the bodies you create in Starfield, getting supplies from vendors will help bolster your arsenal and let you use your favorite weapons more often. I have a unique LMG from completing the Crimson Fleet mission line, and if it weren’t for my ability to constantly buy ammo for it, I’d almost never be able to use the thing. One ammo type is for a few specific weapons, but are they ever powerful. Here’s where to buy 40mm XPL ammo in Starfield.

How to Buy 40mm XPL Ammo in Starfield

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Weapon Shop
Centaurian Arsenal | Screenshot by Prima Games

You can buy 40mm XPL ammo from any gun store within any city. This includes Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis, Rowland Arms in Akila City, and Neon Tactical in Neon. Since it’s the easiest store to access early, I’ll be using Centaurian Arsenal. To reach it, teleport to the Residential District of New Atlantis, and you should see it within the distance. It’s marked by the heavy bronze coloring surrounding the building. Head inside and speak to the clerk, then select “Let’s see what you have for sale.” to open up her shop inventory. In the Ammo section, you should find 40mm XPL ammo.

Each gun store only sells around 20 ammo for 40mm XPL at a time, so you might want to refresh their stock and buy more. To do so, locate the nearest chair and sit down in it. Then, press the listed Wait key and wait for 24 hours. Once the time is up, get up and speak to the clerk again. Their stock should be refreshed, and you’ll be free to buy more.

Which Weapons Use 40mm XPL Ammo?

As mentioned, there are only a select few weapons that use 40mm XPL ammo. The first is the Negotiator, a fairly standard Grenade Launcher with a familiar drum mag. The other option is the Bridger, a Grenade Launcher that, more often than not, feels like a sniper. The latter is a personal favorite of mine since it has a more focused blast and can deal massive burst damage to single targets. Since the moment I found one (especially with a sniper scope), it’s never left my arsenal.

If you’re looking for more ways to get different types of ammo, check out our guide on where to get 7.5mm ammo in Starfield.

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