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Where to Slide an Ice Puck Over 150m in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

One of the Week 6 challenges requires players to slide an ice puck more than 150m in Fortnite in a single throw. Depending on how experienced you are in Fortnite, this one may leave you scratching your head. Don’t worry. Below, we’ll explain what you need and where you should go to slide an ice puck far enough to complete this challenge for Season 7.

Equip the Ice Puck

Before you can start sliding, you’ll first need to unlock and equip the Ice Puck Toy in Fortnite. This item becomes available upon reaching Tier 28 of the Season 7 Battle Pass, so you will need to purchase the Battle Pass and start leveling in order to unlock the Ice Puck to complete this challenge.

The Ice Puck and other toy items can be equipped into your Emote wheel and are used in the same way as a dance emote. Once you have equipped the Ice Puck, drop into a match and make your way over to the newly added snow biome in the southwest corner of the map in Fortnite.

Find a Tall Slope

The key to this challenge is getting up high enough so that the Ice Puck can slide far enough to cover the 150m distance required for the challenge. The best place to do this is from atop the snowy hills around Polar Peak and Frosty Flights.

We recommend doing this on Polar Peak, overlooking the frozen lake that was once the location of Greasy Grove. The surface of the lake is slick enough to allow the puck to travel pretty far, provided you drop it from a high enough distance. All you have to do is drop the Ice Puck onto the frozen lake from the top of the mountain. Alternatively, a long ski slope or downhill trail should work too.

When you use the Ice Puck, your character sort of throws it, which is why you’ll want to be up somewhere high so that the puck can gain speed and travel over 150m. The distance you’ve thrown the Ice Puck will be listed within the kill feed on the lower left corner of the display. The challenge progress will pop on the display if you are able to throw the Ice Puck far enough. Good luck!

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Larryn Bell

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