Where to Redirect the Power in The Outer Worlds

Edgewater or Botanical Labs? Here's a guide on where to redirect the power in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds holds no punches, pretty much throwing players into difficult decisions right out of the gate. One of the major decisions players will face early on will be where to redirect the power in the game, and though anti-corp players may think this is a no-brainer, there’s actually a way to keep everyone alive and healthy if you make a small pivot during your decision making. Ready to get it right the first time? Here’s what you need to know. 

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Where to redirect the power in The Outer Worlds

First things first, there are two major quests that are connected to this decision: 

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. Comes Now the Power

Now you can play the hero or the villain, so the choice is ultimately yours, but here’s what we did after a few different runthroughs to see the different outcomes and ultimately, here’s what we advise as the best option. For those that are firmly anti-corporations and don’t choose “Spacer’s Choice” it may seem like redirecting to the Botanical Gardens is an easy pick and that’s your first mistake.

While powering up the switch in order to make the decision, Parvati will pull you aside in an attempt to talk some sense into you about why pulling from Edgewater would be a Not So Good decision. She brings up a solid point that doing so would kill/hurt a lot of innocents in Edgewater not linked to the corporation, a point that will definitely appeal for those going for their heroic runthrough. Want to help both communities? Pay attention with these steps: 

  1. Redirect power to Edgewater
  2. Immediately head back to talk to Adelaide McDevitt (she’s going to be mad, but she comes around)
  3. Push for the dialogue option where she says she won’t return while Reed Tobson is in charge
  4. Offer to get rid of Reed Tobson 

After the dialogue concludes, the Convince the Deserters to Return quest will appear. Ignore it for now. Here’s what you do next: 

  1. Head back to the Cannery in Edgewater to talk to Reed Tobson
  2. Choose the below dialogue options with the first being “I spoke to Adelaide. She won’t come back so long as you’re here.”
  3. “Your town is a mess, Reed”
  4. “Adelaide’s people aren’t getting sick with the plague.”
  5. “Have you people ever eaten an actual vegetable?”
  6. “I’m pretty sure it’s your food that’s making you sick. You need Adelaide’s garden”
  7. [Persuade 10] “Adelaide’s found a way to grow food. She’ll come back if you stand down.”
  8. [Lie 20] “Look, Reed. All I know is that it involves some really complicated math and it works.”

If you don’t have Persuade or Lie leveled up, there’s always the option to kill him but I definitely recommend growing the dialogue trees before taking this on. Trust me, it matters later. 

Once Reed is gone, Adelaide takes over and everyone lived happily ever after – well, as much as they can in a dump like Edgewater. 

For more The Outer Worlds goodness, check out our game hub here to learn more about Fall Mass Vegas Effect in all of its RPG glory! 

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