Time to Get Dressed


Like any good RPG, part of the fun of The Outer Worlds is getting into disguises. We at Prima Games have provided you with the full walkthrough on how to get this disguise.

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If you're wanting to make the most of The Outer Worlds and the vast array of shenanigans that you can get up to in it, you're going to want to really get into character. We're talking disguises, of course. Like any good role-playing game, some bits are just going to require you to, well, role-play. Check out our Outer Worlds Board ID guide for some help on how to get this disguise in hand.

The Outer Worlds Board ID Guide - How to Get This Disguise

If you're going to want to make the most of life in a place controlled by the UDL or by other corporations, then you're going to need something to blend in with all the insufferable suits. We present: the Outer Worlds Board ID holographic cartridge. 

To get your hands on this particular ID, you have to get it from the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale. When you enter the building, make for a hard right and you'll notice a guard below the stairs who is guarding a door. This is the room that you will have to nip into. You will need the following to get past him:

  • Intimidate 70
  • Lie 100

If you don't have either, double back to the main foyer, and take a trek left instead of right. Hack into the computer (with Hacking 40) and you'll see that someone called Caroline Endecott is complaining about a guy called Theodore eating her purpleberries.

Now go back up to the foyer and take the stairs to get to the canteen. Caroline will be there, and she'll yap on once you bring up Theodore. She'll give you a hand with the guard downstairs if you Lie to her, and all you have to do is loot the lockers inside the previously guarded room to get the Outer Worlds Board ID. With this in your possession, you won't have any guards getting all up in your grill when you're trying to poke around Byzantium.

Now that you've got our Outer Worlds Board ID guide to rely on, you can cross this particular disguise off your list of things to obtain. Getting your mitts on corporate secrets has never been this easy! Need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds? Check out the following guides: