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Where is Tow Away Beach in Fortnite? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic
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Fortnite doesn’t lack memorable locations in the newest chapter. All are well prepared for fans to jump out of the battle bus and immerse themselves in the battle royale’s marvelous world. Some possible starting points have been unnamed and left for players to uncover, including Tow Away Beach. But where is it?

Tow Away Beach Location in Fortnite

The new set of challenges from The Monarch Quest Pack is live. The majority of Level Up Tokens can easily be found at named POIs. However, one of those tokens has been placed in a secret area that many may struggle to find.

The location is known as the Tow-Away Beach, but if you haven’t previously been there, the location is unmarked which makes it hard to find.

However, it is pretty easy to spot on the map. All you need to do is look on the southeast side of the Joneses’ house, and you will see a small beach. This is your secret landmark and home to rich loot and weapons.

location of the tow away beach fortnite
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It has all that a great starting point should have. It is peaceful, full of weapons, and at the end of the island.

This is all you need to know to find Tow Away Beach in Fortnite Chapter 3.

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