Where is Aneta in Diablo 4? – Answered

This little girl is about to get her Carrie moment

While you’re in Zarbinzet you’ve likely come across Vass, who’s certain that people are being killed by demons. He tasks you with finding any survivors and, eventually, finding Aneta. Here’s how to find Aneta in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: How to Complete The Heretic Side Quest and Find Aneta

The Heretic can be a vexing side quest, as there are so many things you’ll have to find in a big blue circle.

How to Complete The Heretic Side Quest in Diablo 4

Once Vass hands you the quest, you’ll be tasked with finding any survivors of a demon attack in the nearby ruins to the East. There, you’ll encounter Fallen and a frightened girl.

This frightened girl is Aneta. She was caught up in the demon attack while picking flowers and was besieged by demons. But she refuses to go home to her sick mother empty-handed. You’ll need to bring her three flowers.

Screenshots by Prima Games | Red stars mark flower locations

These flowers don’t appear on the map and can be quite hard to see if the in-game clock is set to night. Fortunately, Aneta will stand beside them. These flowers are also “Withered” “Singed”, or “Dying Plants”. Aneta will then ask you to accompany her as she returns to her mother in Zarbinzet.

It’s here that Aneta will be accused of causing all the mayhem in the ruins. Now, here’s how to find her. If you speak to her awful mother, she’ll tell you Aneta is in a cave outside of town.

Red box marks cave location, but Aneta will be standing a few meters from the entrance.

If Aneta doesn’t appear, or only stands outside of the cave without going in, the quest is bugged.

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How to Fix The Heretic Bug / Aneta Not Appearing or Moving in Diablo 4

If Aneta doesn’t appear outside of the cave or refuses to go in, abandon the quest. This means you will have to repeat it, but now that you know where all the flowers are, it’s a pretty quick quest to complete. I did so in around five minutes.  

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