A new Wolverine Challenge is available in Fortnite, this one tasking you with finding a Sentinel Head trophy. The Sentinel Head is at Dirty Docks, but due to its small size, it can be somewhat tricky to find.

To help you cross this challenge off your list, we’ve put together a quick guide showing you where to find Wolverine’s Trophy in Fortnite! 

Where to Find Wolverine’s Trophy in Fortnite

In Fortnite, the latest Wolverine Challenge asks players to “find Wolverine’s Trophy at Dirty Docks” which sounds simple, but can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

Wolverine’s Trophy is a small Sentinel Head replica that can be found on a shelf in the Dirty Docks area.

Because it’s small, it can be easy to miss. To find Wolverine’s Trophy, you’ll first need to visit Dirty Docks which can be seen circled in the map image above.

When you reach Dirty Docks, you’ll need to land at the building on the far right side with a set of back stairs leading to the ocean.

The building has a door at the back that you can enter. Once inside, head straight and into the first room slightly to the right. Inside, straight ahead, you should see the purple Sentinel Head trophy on the bottom shelf. 

To the right is the door you entered through, to the left there's a garage door. The door you need to enter is to the right of that garage door.


Note that the building and surrounding area is also great when it comes to picking up supplies as there’s a chest in the room with the Sentinel Head trophy, and one in the room upstairs.

Once you’ve collected the Sentinel Head trophy, be sure to arm yourself with weapons and supplies before working your way through other challenges in Fortnite.

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